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Explore IU Bloomington's Old Crescent, from the iconic Sample Gates to the beautiful Rose Well House—and discover some fun student traditions along the way. Then continue watching our full Campus Tour video series for an inside peek at all the campus spots you want to see.

Description of the video:

Campus Tour – Old Crescent

Descriptive transcript

[upbeat music plays]

[Video: An aerial view of the IU Bloomington campus shows the Indiana Memorial Unio and many other large limestone buildings with dense clusters of trees between them. The aerial view changes to show the Old Crescent area of campus, including the Student Building and Franklin Hall, two limestone buildings with red tiled roofs.

[Words appear: Indiana University campus tour old crescent.]

[Video: The view then moves to the Sample Gates, with students walking through the gates onto campus. There are flower beds and lush trees along the red brick walkways going through the gates and into campus. The next view is at ground-level, showing a student wearing a nametag standing next to flowerbeds that have rows of red and white mums that create a candy-stripe pattern. The Sample Gates are behind the student.]

[Words appear: Marissa, senior, Kelley School of Business]

Marisa: Hi, everyone, and welcome to our virtual tour of IU Bloomington. I am so excited to be the guide that gets to show you around in this video. To introduce myself, my name is Marisa, and I am currently a senior here at IU studying marketing and professional sales with a minor in apparel merchandising. And I'm originally from Warren, New Jersey.]

[Video: A panning shot shows the Sample Gates, two large limestone structures that feature pointed arches and buttresses, forming a gateway into the campus. There are flowerbeds on either side of the gates and a red brick walkway lined with trees. Franklin Hall, a large limestone building in the Collegiate Gothic style that features large windows, carvings, and a rough-hewn texture.]

Marisa: Now to begin our tour, I wanna take you to one of the most iconic places at IU, which is our Sample Gates.

[Video: A new view shows the Sample Gates from further away, down a street with restaurants and shops on each side. The dense tree canopy is more visible from this view. Then the view moves back to Marissa standing on campus with the gates in the background.]

Marissa: Now, the Sample Gates are right behind me and I'm sure if you've ever received any piece of mail from IU, you've definitely seen the Sample Gates plastered all over them.

[Video: The view changes to show the gates from the street, with a car driving towards the gates and students walking away from them. The street ends at the Sample gates, becoming a walkway. The next view shows a closer view of the gates, looking into campus.]

Marissa: The Sample Gates is an incredible architecture piece that leads us out into the city of Bloomington.

[Video: The view switches to looking from campus out to the street. The next view shows scenes along the street, with people walking their dog and students walking on the sidewalk towards restaurants and shops.]

Marissa: Now, right past me is Kirkwood Avenue, which is the first street that you'll see leaving the Sample Gates.

[Video: Back to Marissa standing on campus with the Sample Gates in the background.]

Marissa: Now, I'm gonna take you over to Old Crescent, which is one of the oldest and most historic areas of IU Bloomington.

[Video: A panning view the clock tower of the Student Building is shown, followed by an aerial view of the Sample Gates which shows limestone buildings on either side of the gates, more buildings stretching into the distance on the left, and a dense forest just past the gates to the right. Another view shows a student walking on the brick walkway. Then Maxwell Hall is shown, a limestone building which features a tower, decorative carvings, and arches over some windows. More views of students walking and sitting on campus are shown, with colorful autumn foliage around them. Brick buildings are then shown.]

[Upbeat music plays]

[Video: Marissa is now standing in front of two benches with trees and campus buildings in the background. On one bench is a bronze statue of Herman B Wells, sitting and reaching his right hand out.]

Marissa: Now, we are standing at Old Crescent, one of the most historical parts of our campus.

[Video: An aerial view of the Old Crescent shows several campus buildings lined in a row and facing a dense forest. The next view shows the front of several of these limestone buildings. Then it changes back to Marissa in front of the statue.]

Marissa: The name Old Crescent is pretty self-explanatory, as old comes from this being the oldest part of IU, and crescent because, from an aerial point of view, this area is actually shaped like a little crescent moon. Now, you'll kind of notice the two buildings behind me. I have Owen and Wylie Hall.

[Video: A four-story, red brick building with limestone accents is shown. It has many windows and a set of stairs leading to the door. A brick walkway runs in front of the building and leads to another multi-story, brick building in the background that features tall windows and an entry tower. A cluster of trees is between the buildings. The sign to the first building is shown, reading Wylie Hall.]

Marissa: Owen and Wylie are home to the College of Arts and Sciences and our Department of Economics.

[Video: The front of Wylie Hall is show, with a limestone carving that reads Wylie Hall above the entrance.]

Marissa: The fun fact about Owen and Wylie Hall is that they're actually our only two red brick buildings that we have here at IU.

[Video: Back to Marissa in front of the statue.]

Marissa: Everything else here is made of Indiana limestone.

[Video: A small limestone structure, similar to a shelter house, is shown from different angles. It features arched entryways and window openings, and a red tile roof. A dense forest is behind it and brick pathways cross in front and beside it. Another view shows a colorful stained-glass window.]

Marissa: And moving on, we also have the Rose Well House, which is actually one of the most romantic areas here at IU. Legend says that if you kiss your significant other at the stroke of midnight on Valentine's Day, you will be together forever.

[Video: Back to Marissa standing in front of the statue.]

Marissa: Now, I've personally seen this come true over and over again, so it's a legend that I believe pretty strongly. And now, bringing us back to where I'm currently standing, you might've noticed the Herman B Wells statue that's sitting behind me. Now, Herman B Wells is a pretty great president that IU was lucky enough to have. He's known for desegregating this campus and has done a ton of great things to make IU what it is today. Legend has it that if you shake his hand as an incoming student, you are guaranteed to graduate within four years. For us current students, we always like to shake his hand for good luck on exams, which personally, I definitely need.

[Video: Marissa walks over to the statue and shakes its hand.]

[Upbeat music]

[Video: Marissa is standing on a brick pathway in the middle of a forest with autumn-colored leaves.]

Marissa: Thank you so much for joining me today on this virtual tour of the Sample Gates and Old Crescent. I hope that you got to see a little bit of IU's beauty within this video.

[Upbeat music]

[Video: The screen turns to red. The IU trident logo appears at the top of the screen, with Indiana University below it. A website address is below that, reading admissions dot Indiana dot e d u. Aerial views of other parts of campus show large limestone buildings of different styles, with trees and grassy areas surrounding them. The screen then fades to black.]

[End of transcript.]


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