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Get your foot in the door with internships

Internships are a great way to get work experience, try out a career, and get employers’ attention. IU students have interned everywhere from Google to General Motors to Glacier National Park. The more internships you have, the better.

Your internship search starts on campus, with career fairs, internship postings, interviews, and other career-related opportunities.

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Deona Williams

Deona Williams met a Target recruiter at an IU career fair, which led to a summer internship. An informatics major, she developed dashboards for applications that monitor distribution performance in real time, helping engineers support the applications more efficiently. And she earned a full-time job at Target headquarters.

More career-enhancing experiences that will set you apart and improve your career prospects

  • Conduct research—in science or other fields—that shows you can complete a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of a complex topic.
  • Work abroad through programs like the School of Education’s Global Gateway student teaching program or an overseas summer internship. Youll improve your qualifications and get cultural experiences that employers love.
  • Get involved with our 750+ student organizations and leadership programs to gain experience guiding others, making high-level decisions, and solving problems outside the classroom.
  • Engage in service—through service-learning courses, service trips, volunteer opportunities, and more—as another way to get relevant experience and explore your interests.

Now is the time to begin planning

Consider which career-enhancing experiences you’d like to complete—and follow our other tips to prep for success.

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