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Prepare for the SAT using Khan Academy, a free learning resource for students just like you.

Description of the video:

[Video: The screen is red. A white line moves from the right to the center of the screen, then forms a square which then expands into the words application tips, with animated graphics on either side. The words condense back into a square, then a line, which moves to the bottom of the screen and off screen.]


[Video: A student is standing in the lobby of a building. A large monitor is on the back wall, with the IU trident showing. The student is wearing an Indiana University shirt.]


[Words appear: Emily, senior.]


Emily: When it's time to apply to college, it's hard to know what to expect. That's why you wanna gather as much information to help you make smart choices. Follow these steps, so you can be sure that you're submitting the strongest application possible.


[Video: A different student is standing in a hallway. This student is wearing a red jacket with an Indiana University logo.]


[Words appear: Dav, junior.]


Dav: First, make sure you take required classes.


[Words appear: One. Take required classes.]


Dav: Applicants should complete at least 34 credits of college preparatory courses. You'll find the list of classes on our website. Check it to make sure you're on track.


[Video: A new student is shown in a room with a large IU trident on the wall behind them. There is also a large desk with Indiana University across the front. The student is wearing a shirt that reads IU is home, and has a drawing of the Sample Gates on it.]


[Words appear: Abi, junior.]


Abi: It's also important to keep your grades up.


[Words appear: Two. Keep your grades up.]


Abi: We know you hear this all the time, but it's true, grades matter. If your grades slip, IU will want to see an upward grade trend and, if appropriate, an explanation of the circumstances that affected your performance.


[Video: Back to Emily.]


[Words appear: Three. Take challenging courses.]


Emily: When available and appropriate, IU encourages students to take dual credit, advanced placement,

international baccalaureate, and/or advanced college project courses. These courses require a lot of focus and hard work, so taking them shows colleges that you welcome a challenge. Just remember, only take what you can manage.


[Video: Back to Dav.]


[Words appear: Four. Consider taking the s a t slash a c t.]


Dav: Admission to IU is test optional. This means that you choose, at the point of applying, whether to have a c t or s a t scores considered as part of your admission review, letting you decide how best to tell your academic story.


[Video: Back to Abi.]


[Words appear: Five. Know your deadlines.]


Abi: Finally, make sure you know the important dates in the admissions process. At IU, the early-action, non-binding deadline is November first.


[Words appear: November first. Early action, non-binding deadline.]


Abi: If you submit a complete application for admission by this date, you will receive the highest consideration for scholarships awarded by IU. If you meet the November 1st deadline and decide to have your test scores considered, you can still submit updated s a t and or a c t scores until January fifteenth.


[Video: Back to Emily.]


Emily: IU's regular decision deadline for applications is February 1st.


[Words appear: February one, regular decision deadline.]


Emily: Applications submitted after February first will be considered on a space available, case-by-case basis.


[Video: Back to Dav.]


Dav: Visit our website to see all of the important dates in the application process and check out step-by-step application instructions.


[Video: Back to Abi.]


Abi: At every step, IU is here for you. Just visit our contact page to get in touch with your personal admissions counselor.


[Video: Back to Emily.]


[Words appear: Recap. One. Take required classes. Two. Challenge yourself. Three. Remember the important dates.]


Emily: So remember, take the right classes, challenge yourself, and remember the important dates. Before you know it, you'll be able to submit your application to join the Hoosier family.


[Video: The screen fades to red. An IU trident logo appears at the top of the screen and Indiana University below that. The website address admissions dot Indiana dot e d u appears at the bottom. A subscribe button appears in the lower right corner.]


[Music gets louder then fades out.]


[End of transcript.]

Top seven tips for juniors

  1. Make a list of your “must haves” for a college—think major, size, etc. Then, use websites like Cappex to find schools that have what you want.
  2. Develop your short list. Visit college websites, collect materials at college fairs, and check out social media.
  3. Join the mailing list for any school that interests you. It’s a great way to keep up with deadlines and campus news.
  4. Take a virtual tour. Visit any time you want—day or night.
  5. Take the SAT and/or ACT (if applicable*).
  6. Know the cost. Start researching costs and learn how to apply for financial aid (the FAFSA is available October 1 of your senior year).
  7. Reach out to your personal admission counselor to get answers to any questions you have.

*Admission to IU is test-optional. To find out if this is the right path for you, learn more about our test-optional admissions policy.

The most important part of my campus visits was hearing the perspective of current students. Having a student presenter during my information session and seeing students interact around campus were great ways to help me picture myself at the school.

Jeric Tumang, IU student