Adult Applicants

We’re glad you’re interested in IU. You’ll follow the same application process as our future freshmen. That means:

  • You do need to contact your high school and have them send your final, official transcript with your graduation date. Or you need to submit proof that you have earned the High School Equivalency Diploma.
  • You do need to have completed the 34 high school credits that we require for admission.
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Awesome! Regardless of your age, or how recently you graduated high school, you’ll want to follow the same admission guidelines as transfer students.

Learn more about the transfer application process

Center for Students in Transition (SIT)

SIT advisors help students investigate and identify solutions and degree options that make the most sense for their backgrounds and goals. The Center for Students in Transition often works with adult learners who have had gaps in their education, including those who began a degree, left college for a number of years, and now want to return and complete an undergraduate degree.

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Campus safety and security reports

Indiana University’s annual security reports, which contain policy statements as well as crime and fire statistics for Indiana University campuses, are available online. You may also request a physical copy by emailing IU Public Safety at