A small city that’s so exciting you’ll never want to leave

Step off the brick plaza by IU Bloomington’s Sample Gates and you’re on Kirkwood Avenue, the center of student life in Bloomington.

As you walk past the inviting restaurants and cool shops on this tree-lined street, you’ll experience what makes this city of 86,000 great: the combination of a small-city feel, the vitality and culture of a larger city, and a sense of community that will keep you coming back long after you graduate.

#2best college town in America, USA Today, 2019

Among the 50most beautiful college campuses, Condé Nast Traveler, 2022

#6best college town to live in forever, College Ranker, 2023

This is Bloomington

When you choose a college, remember that you’re choosing a college town as well. Make the most of your four years. Spend them in Bloomington.

Description of the video:

[video description: Sample Gates sunset is blurred and slowly comes into focus.]

Emma: Four years

[video: Video slowly pans upwards on the downtown courthouse.]

Emma: One thousand four hundred sixty days

[video: Video of an older man standing and facing a lake as he is fishing.]

Emma: Thirty five thousand forty hours

[video: Video of strawberries at a stand at the Farmer’s Market. A man reaches out to place strawberries on the table.]

Emma: Hours spent discovering the traditions of a tight-knit community

[video: Video of a flower, close up, then changes focus to a student riding a bicycle in the background.]

Emma: Hours spent getting lost in your thoughts

[video: Video of the Buskirk Chumley at night time, slowing panning upward.]

Emma: Or just being a face in the crowd

[video: Video of three students eating at a local restaurant while laughing and talking with one another.]

Emma: You have four years

[video: Video panning upward of an overview of downtown Bloomington.]

Emma: Spend them in Bloomington

[video: Video pans up into the clouds and text, “This is Bloomington” appears.]

[video: Fade to black.]

Where is Bloomington, anyway?

We’re in south central Indiana, just hours from major cities like Indianapolis, Chicago, and Cincinnati, and within a day’s drive of more than half of the U.S. population. Most of our students are far enough from home to have their independence, but close enough that family can get here easily.

Map of Indiana and surrounding states and cities

Come for IU. Stay for Bloomington.

The best way to follow up a visit to IU? Explore the ideal college town for an extra day or two.

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