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Traditions at your fingertips

Be part of traditions that are over 200 years in the making. Touch the hand of the Herman B Wells statue for good luck. Attend the Little 500 bicycle races. Dip your feet in Showalter Fountain. Wear the candy-striped pants. These are the traditions that make you a Hoosier for life.

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We’ve got spirit, yes we do

Athletics and school spirit are huge here. From candy-striped pants to the best timeout in college basketball to knowing what to do when someone chants “Hoo-Hoo-Hoo” (you yell “Hoosiers!”), you’ll pick up on these traditions. Check out the video below to get a glimpse of some of them.

Description of the video:

[ video: “THE INDIANA UNIVERSITY OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS Presents FISTS and BLADES: An instructional digital recording. Recording #0314, Office of Admissions Educational Filmations” ]

[ video: Close up shot of the Sample Gates, two limestone arches with two pillars. Campus buildings and a clock tower are behind the pillars. ]

Narrator: Welcome to the campus of historic Indiana University.

[ video: Trees frame the shot and between them is a limestone building with a large clock tower in the center. ]

Narrator: It’s beautiful tree line setting

[ video: Trees surround a fountain with a statue of a woman in the center. Surrounding the woman are fish statues, water spurting from their mouths. ]

Narrator: And state of the art educational facilities

[ video: Close-up of a pencil sharpener in a classroom. Close-up shot of small filing cabinets. ]

Narrator: Are home to the proud and spirited members

[ video: A group of students wearing IU jerseys stand cheering and smiling at the camera. Behind them is a football stadium. ]

Narrator: Of the Hoosier Nation. Each year, hundreds of age old traditions

[ video: Close-up of students in the stands at a game. The students hold inflatable sticks in their hands. ]

Narrator: Are passed down from one generation to the next

[ video: Close-up of scoreboard. ]

Narrator: Including the vaunted

[ video: Student talks into megaphone. Students in IU shirts cheer behind him. ]

Narrator: Fists and Blades. Signal to everyone that you are a

[ video: Series of shots of students lifting arms above his or her head and bringing arms to a ninety-degree angle at shoulders, performing the Fists and Blades cheer. ]

Narrator: True Hoosier. But

[ video: Cheerleaders raise pompoms at game. ]

Narrator: The Office of Admissions asks, do you know how to properly perform the Fists and Blades?


Narrator: Not quite!

[ video: Two young men raise arms up and down. ]

Narrator: May need a little more practice.

[ video: Four young women raise arms up and down. ]

Narrator: Mom might need a few pointers.

[ video: A student and two women hold arms up in the air. ]

Narrator: Nope. I don’t think so.

[ video: Two young women move their arms back and forth and look at each other. ]

Narrator: I don’t know what she’s doing.

[ video: Three young women in front of a fountain move arms back and forth in front of their faces and laugh. A young woman walks off screen and young man waves for her to come back. ]

Narrator: Cindy is a member of the Indiana University cheerleading team. Let Cindy show you the dos and don’ts of the Fists and Blades.

[ video: Drawing of a IU cheerleader holds pompoms at her sides and smiles. ]

Narrator: Arms straight up high, fists clenched.

[ video: Cheerleader raises pompoms above her head, arms straight. Pompoms disappear and the cheerleader’s hands are in fists. ]

Narrator: Then, arms at a sharp ninety-degree angle, blades sharp.

[ video: Cheerleader drops arms to her shoulders. Pompoms disappear and the cheerleader’s fingers are straight. ]

Narrator: Remember, a proud Hoosier never has to hide his face.

[ video: Cheerleader brings arms together in front of her face. ]

Narrator: Remember, no jazz hands.

[ video: Cheerleader raises arms and splays fingers. ]

Narrator: That’s the ticket. I think I see a Hoosier.

[ video: Pompoms reappear in cheerleader’s hands she performs the Fists and Blades. ]

Narrator: Remember be proud and shout loud. Go Hoosiers!

[ video: “” ]

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