Career Centers

Two tiers of career services help you find your passion and make it happen

Some universities have one career center for all students. Others have multiple career centers in various schools. We have both—and you get a big advantage.

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Start at the IU Career Development Center (CDC), which will help you identify your ideal career path. Then tap into the specialized expertise and connections in the career center at your IU school.

The services at our career centers—including one-on-one career advising, for-credit career and internship courses, and help with resumes and cover letters—will take the mystery out of your career preparation and help you shine in employers’ eyes.

Career Communities are an easy way to help you design a career path that is right for you—providing you information on potential career fields, related majors at IU, and ways to build experience.

After the CDC: a specialized career center in your IU school

The Career Development Center is just the beginning. After you are admitted into your school or college, you’ll spend the rest of your time at IU with one of our 12 other career centers—each of which specializes in careers tied to its school’s majors.

A dedicated career expert will help you land the job that’s right for you. You’ll have opportunities to make connections with employers right here on campus, and to receive career experience that shines on your resume, in interviews, and most of all, in a workplace that values what you bring to the table.

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Now is the time to begin planning

Explore the services at the CDC—and follow our other tips to prep for success.

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