Alumni Network

A worldwide network of alumni, eager to help

Just about whatever you do, and in nearly any country you go to, there will be an IU alum you can connect with. Many alums come back to campus to share their experiences and wisdom—like when Oscar-winning actor Kevin Kline taught a master class. Others, especially recent graduates, return to recruit new hires. And some, like virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell and Batman movie producer Michael Uslan, join IU’s faculty.

You can also meet IU alums through the Career Development Centers Networking Nights program. Wherever you encounter IU alumni, ask them questions. Seek their advice. Or just bond over your love of IU. Most of all, know they’re rooting for you and will do what they can to help.

The IU Alumni Association (IUAA) will help you make connections and start your career strong

The IUAA helps you succeed even before you earn your diploma.

As a student, you can apply for IUAA scholarships, participate in leadership programs, and sign up for professional development events. Once you graduate, youll have a free year of membership to take advantage of the IU Alumni Directory—which will help you connect to alumni around the world—and exclusive services like career coaching.

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