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Our student organizations have something for everyone, whether you want to program campus events through Union Board or meet other gamers through Gaming@IU. And if the organization you're interested in doesn't exist yet, you can start one.

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Students play the water game Battleship in one of IU's pools.

In Battleship, teams of four fight to keep their canoes afloat while sinking their opponents. It’s among the many ways you can be active in IU’s recreational sports program, one of the nation’s best.

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IU students are passionate about helping others. Volunteer on your own, get a group together, or earn credit for your good deeds in a service-learning course. You can even join IU Corps—a network of students, campus stakeholders, and community partners who have joined forces to create positive social change in local neighborhoods and around the world.

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Settle in to your new home at Welcome Week

Getting involved at IU starts at Welcome Week, where you'll move in, explore campus, make new friends, connect to resources, and learn what's expected of you as a student. From learning the fight song at Traditions and Spirit of IU, to celebrating campus diversity with live performances at CultureFest, to attending academic open houses, and more, Welcome Week will help you experience everything IU has to offer and make you glad you became a Hoosier.

Description of the video:

[Upbeat music plays]

[Video: Fade in on an aerial shot of the football field at Indiana Memorial Stadium. Students are lining up on the field making the shape of the IU trident. The screen shifts to video of an IU cheerleader in a white uniform. She is shaking pom poms over her head.]

[Words appear: Welcome Week, the next step towards your Hoosier Experience]

[Video: The screen wipes to a new video clip. An aerial view of IU Fine Arts Plaza is shown with Showalter Fountain at center. An event is taking place with tens and a stage set up around the plaza. Students are seen throughout the space. The plaza is framed by the limestone buildings of the Lilly Library and the IU Auditorium. The aerial view changes direction and zooms out from the IU auditorium.]

[Video: The screen goes red and out of focus. Refocus in on the IU seal in cream and crimson, in front of a crimson curtain. The seal reads Indianensis Universitatis Sigillum MDCCCXX in Latin, which translates to Indiana University Seal 1820. The screen zooms in on the seal]

[Video: Students in the bleachers at Indiana Memorial Stadium during the Traditions and Spirit event. The students are wearing cream and crimson IU gear and holding white thunder sticks with the IU trident and the words Indiana University. The students are cheering. The view changes to an aerial shot of the student section]

[Video: Aerial view of an outdoor stage with three dancers in brightly colored dresses. A crowd watches in a semi-circle. The view changes to show the dancers on stage in front of the IU Auditorium]

[Video: Three students sitting on the edge of Showalter Fountain, waving.]

[Video: A group of singers with microphones.]

[Video: A group of students dancing in a line.]

[Video: Students on an outdoor stage showing the IU fists and blades cheer. They are seen from the back and an audience of students are shown in the background]

[Video: A Welcome Week team member at a tabling event for the Hoosier Experience. She speaks with two students. The table has t-shirts, buttons, coasters, and a Hoosier Experience banner on display.]

[Video: Students pushing laundry carts with their belongings during Move In]

[Video: A student reads a program during the 2022 Indiana University Bloomington Freshman Induction Ceremony]

[Video: Interim Provost John Applegate and President Whitten process wearing academic regalia during the Freshman Induction Ceremony. They walk in front of a group of faculty and staff also wearing academic regalia.]

[Video: President Whitten stands at a podium, wearing her academic regalia. The faculty behind her on stage are applauding.]

[Video: Students and their families in the audience applauding during the Freshman Induction Ceremony]

[Video: Students in the Indiana Memorial Stadium stands cheering and waving thunder sticks during the Traditions and Spirit event. A student  Orientation Leader hypes them up, cheering and jumping in front of them. The video pans to show more students cheering, smiling, and shouting]

[Video: The Marching Hundred band, the RedStepper Dance Team, and the IU cheerleading team are shown in formation on the field at Indiana Memorial Stadium during the Traditions and Spirit event. Fireworks go off behind them.]

[Video: Students running onto the Indiana Memorial Stadium field from the team entrance]

[Video: Students laughing and smiling in the stands at Indiana Memorial Stadium]

[Video: A student fires a t-shirt cannon towards students in the bleachers at Indiana Memorial Stadium during the Traditions and Spirit event]

[Video: Close up on a female student dancing and smiling. She wears a shirt with an IU trident and cream and crimson striped face paint on her cheeks]

[Video: A student balancing on a foam log in a pool of water during a Recreational Sports event outside the Bill Garrett Fieldhouse]

[Video: A student practices martial arts with a partner during a Recreational Sports event inside the Bill Garrett Fieldhouse]

[Video: A student climbs a rock wall]

[Video: Students sitting on the edge of Showalter Fountain wave at the camera as it passes]

[Video: The screen slides quickly in transition to show a sign with the words, “Welcome to the Part-Time Jobs Fair.” Students are walking past.]

[Video: A student speaks to representatives from WTIU at the Part-Time Jobs Fair in the Indiana Memorial Union Alumni Hall]

[Video: Students listen to a representative from IU Event Services at the Part-Time Jobs Fair]

[Video: Close up of a tent and banner with the words “College of Arts + Sciences Expo. Your Journey Starts Here]

[Video: Students speak with faculty and staff at tables inside a tent]

[Video: Close up of crimson IU hats lined up on a table]

[Video: Pan up to a video of an athletic coach speaking with a microphone on the field at Indiana Memorial Stadium. IU student football players are lined up behind him wearing their crimson jerseys]

[Video: Dancers in brightly colored dresses on an outdoor stage in front of the IU Auditorium.]

[Video: Students dancing in front of the IU Auditorium.]

[Video: A young child and an older student dance together in front of an outdoor event tent. A banner in front of the tent reads “African American Arts Institute a a a I dot Indiana dot edu]

[Video: A student breakdances in front of a semi-circle of other students who clap and cheer them on]

[Video: Students in the bleachers at Indiana Memorial Union holding white thunder sticks with the IU trident and the words Indiana University. They are shown cheering in slow-motion]

[Video: The screen zooms out to a side view of the field and bleachers at Indiana Memorial Stadium at night. The IU trident appears on screen]

[Words appear: Start off with a Bang]

[Video: The screen goes black. The IU trident appears on screen]

[Words appear: First Year Experience Programs. F y e dot Indiana dot e d u]

[End of transcript]

Being a part of a student org is what has made IU home. IU Dance Marathon has been my family here—and it has given me the chance to give back to my community in such a special way!

Matt McCormick

Grow as a leader

Every student involvement opportunity is also a leadership opportunity. You can take on responsibility, direct an organization’s activities, and guide others—experience that employers and graduate programs look for. IU offers several leadership programs, including those through the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.

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