Student Involvement

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Our student organizations have something for everyone, whether you want to program campus events through Union Board or meet other gamers through Gaming@IU. And you can always start a new group.

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Students play the water game Battleship in one of IU's pools.

In Battleship, teams of four fight to keep their canoes afloat while sinking their opponents. It’s among the many ways you can be active in IU’s recreational sports program, one of the nation’s best.

Engage in service

IU students are passionate about helping others. Volunteer on your own, get a group together, or earn credit for your good deeds in a service-learning course. You can even join IU Corps—a network of students, campus stakeholders, and community partners who “have joined forces to create positive social change in local neighborhoods and around the world.”

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Settle in to your new home at Welcome Week

Getting involved at IU starts at Welcome Week, where you’ll move in, learn your way around campus, and make new friends. From learning the fight song at Traditions and Spirit, to celebrating campus diversity with live music and great food at CultureFest, Welcome Week will show you everything IU has to offer and make you glad you became a Hoosier.

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[Words appear: Welcome Week]

[Video: The Indiana University trident appears. Background image of IU campus fades in. The shot zooms in through the words welcome week to overlook the IU campus.]

[Upbeat music]

[Words appear: Experience Tradition]

[Video: Images of IU freshmen on stage at an IU induction ceremony. Images of the speaker welcoming students to IU and audience clapping.]

[Video: Bird’s eye view shows hundreds of students at an outdoor event on the IU campus. Images of all different kinds of students smiling, laughing, performing, and dancing.]

[Words appear: Challenge Yourself]

[Video: Shots of students playing chess, ping pong, video games, and poker.]

[Video: Bird’s eye view shows hundreds of students at a job fair. Images of all different kinds of students talking to recruiters.]

[Words appear: Get Involved]

[Video: Images of students mingling at a Student Involvement Fair with representatives from organizations and clubs on the IU campus. Images of students playing games.]

[Words appear: Build Community]

[Video: A small group of students playing games. A shot of students playing in a drum circle at IU’s First Nations Center. Images of more students playing games.]

[Words appear: Show Your Pride]

[Video: Students at the IU Memorial Stadium celebrating and cheering in the stands. Images of cheerleaders cheering and the IU marching band playing.]

[Words appear: Explore 100+ Events]

[Video: Images of students playing with virtual reality goggles. Shots of students playing sports, smiling, and laughing. Images of DJs onstage and students dancing in the crowd at a concert.]

[Words appear: Welcome Week]

[Video: Background image of IU campus fades in. The shot zooms out through the words welcome week to overlook the IU campus.]

[Words appear: Where your Hoosier experience begins]

[Video: The Indiana University trident appears]

[Words appear: Indiana University]

[Words appear:]

[End of transcript]

Gerardo Ramires

As vice president of marketing for Latinos Unidos, Gerardo Ramires hopes to inspire new students to connect and to feel accepted within the IU community. “You have a lot to offer as a person, but also a lot to learn,” he says. “You’ll never learn where you truly belong if you do not explore.”

Grow as a leader

Every student involvement opportunity is also a leadership opportunity. You can take on responsibility, direct an organization’s activities, and guide others—experience that employers and graduate programs look for. IU offers several leadership programs, including those through the Student Involvement and Leadership Center.

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