Individualized Major Program

Design your own degree with the Individualized Major Program (IMP)

Sure, we have 200+ majors to choose from. But that doesn’t mean we have the major that you’re excited about. The IMP lets you create your own major: the one that’s going to help you accomplish the goals you’ve already dedicated yourself to.

Recent students have used the IMP to major in subjects like:

  • Marine biology
  • Sustainable development
  • Stage management
  • Violin making
  • Event planning
  • Comedic studies
  • Pharmaceutical sciences
  • Sound design
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As an IMP student, you’ll have a dedicated IMP advisor, a final project, and mid-program assessments. You can also choose to have an IMP minor!

Francisca Figueroa loves that her IMP major, global food systems, gives her opportunities to personalize her education. Through the IMP, she's also participated in two study abroad experiences, taken diverse and engaging courses, and spent three months interning at Expo Milano 2015, where she educated visitors about food security and food tourism.