How to Apply

University Division and Direct Admission

Over 40% of new students at IU begin their studies at University Division—it is one of two ways to begin your academic journey. Students may enter through University Division (UD) as a pre-program UD student if they selected a major on their application for admission, and as an exploratory UD student if they chose exploratory on their application. As a UD student, you’ll work with UD academic advisors to complete the general requirements needed to certify into a degree-granting major or school.

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Students who select a major on their application for admission may be eligible for direct admission to that academic program and degree-granting school.

All of IU Bloomington's twelve schools offer direct admission to academic programs. The eligibility requirements for direct admission are different for each school or college. To learn more about direct admission, including how to petition for direct admission, visit each school’s admissions page.

Students who are directly admitted to their academic program still have the opportunity to explore and add additional majors and minors, both within and outside of their school or college. They can even change their academic direction as their interests evolve. You will find your perfect combination!

Campus safety and security reports

Indiana University’s annual security reports, which contain policy statements as well as crime and fire statistics for Indiana University campuses, are available online. You may also request a physical copy by emailing IU Public Safety at