The IU Education

Learn from faculty who are leaders in their fields and from peers who will challenge and encourage you. Get experience in a lab on campus or at a field station in Montana. Study abroad. Live in a community with others who share your academic passions. Put principles into practice in community service. Attend campus cultural activities—musical performances, poetry readings, lectures.

Where you’ll discover your passions and pursue what you love

Student working in chemistry labYou’re coming to IU to be transformed. To find your calling in life and never look back. No matter which direction you choose to run, we’ll support you. Even if it means taking a year to explore your options.

After all, fearless exploration often leads to the greatest discoveries.

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And a legacy of success gives you solid ground to stand on

The IU alumni network is made of a cloth both bright and diverse. We are screenwriters, CEOs, astronomers, governors, jazz composers, dancers, and DNA researchers—and we’re committed to using our own connections to fuel your success. 

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Tell the world you’re prepared for whatever comes next

Whatever career you choose to pursue, you’ll have the experience, the connections, and the confidence to take you there. Because at IU, most of all, we’re preparing you to be your best self—the one that doesn’t fear the future, but is ready to conquer it.

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