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Where you’ll discover your passions and pursue what you love

You’re coming to IU to be transformed. To find and pursue your calling in life. With more than 200 majors that you can mix and match, IU has the resources for you to create your ideal program of study, the opportunities for you to earn the degree that will help you accomplish your dreams, and the tools for you to succeed no matter which direction your life takes you.

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You are here to further your education—and education is something vastly more than schooling. Its fundamental purpose is to teach man to think—to think straight, if possible, but in any event, to think for themselves.

Herman B Wells, the 11th president of Indiana University

Tell the world you’re prepared for whatever comes next

Whatever career you choose to pursue, you’ll have the experience, the connections, and the confidence to take you there. Because at IU, most of all, we’re preparing you to be your best self—ready to conquer your future.

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Expand your horizons with international study

At IU, your explorations can take you to places you’ve never dreamed. Whether you want an immersive visit to another culture or a global internship with a Fortune 500 company, your options to see the world and gain experience are boundless. Learn more about our 380+ study abroad programs and see how an IU education will help you succeed anywhere in the world.

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And a legacy of success gives you solid ground to stand on

The IU alumni network is made of a cloth both bright and diverse. We are screenwriters, CEOs, astronomers, governors, jazz composers, dancers, and DNA researchers—and we’re committed to using our own connections to fuel your success.

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