Ninth Grade

It’s not too early to start planning for college—in fact, you already are!

The courses you’re taking and the ways you’re spending your time are already preparing you for what comes next.

As you look for opportunities to get involved during your high school career, we encourage you to keep this question in mind: How will this help me identify the right college, major, career, and more?

We understand that the COVID-19 crisis may have turned your home and school life upside down. On the IU Bloomington campus we are also disappointed to have had to cancel our summer camps and programs that would have given students the chance to experience campus firsthand. While we won't be able to invite you to visit us in person right now, we have created additional resources for you to engage with IU from your home. Stay engaged with Indiana University, Bloomington, and the world outside, with the following resources:

Keep learning

Visit outside resources such as Khan Academy to keep learning at your own pace. You can also participate in virtual science programs through Bloomington’s own WonderLab.

Listen to world-class musical performances

Stream archived performances—recitals, concerts, and operas—from the IU Jacobs School of Music.

Explore the Eskenazi Museum of Art

Look through the collections online and participate in a Virtual Art Therapy Open Studio.

Tour the Wylie House Museum

Learn about IU history with a virtual visit to IU's Wylie House Museum and explore exhibits online.

Experience past Little 500 races

Watch archival video of the first two Little 500 races, which took place in 1951 and 1952.

Check out our many archives

Watch archival videos and hear archival audio in IU’s Media Collections Online.

Bring the world to you

Visit this list from Lonely Planet to see the world virtually—from tourist destinations and art museums, to national parks, zoos, and even a virtual tour of Mars.

Things to consider doing now

  • Talk with your family about why going to college is a good idea for you. If you know a college student (or recent college grad), ask them what it’s like. Plan to go for a visit if you can.
  • Meet with your guidance counselor to plan out your coursework for the next four years. Think about including some challenging courses in your schedule. Your counselor can help you decide if honors or AP courses will be the right match for your interests and abilities.
  • Make high school fun and meaningful! You should spend time building your leadership skills, joining clubs and organizations that interest you, or volunteering in your community.
  • Start looking at college websites to learn about admission requirements and to get an idea of when you’ll take tests like the PSAT and/or PreACT. Although optional at IU and some other schools, you may decide that taking a standardized test is right for you. Use free resources through College Board and ACT to practice.
  • Attend a college fair in your area. Collect materials and ask questions. Find out if there’s an IU Preview scheduled near you.
  • Start keeping a list of the honors you’ve received and the activities you’ve been involved in. This will come in handy when you get ready to start applying.

Get revved up for IU

  • Make sure you know what high school courses are required for admission to IU.
  • Start thinking about your interests. Search by your interests and design a career path that is right for you with our ahead-of-the-game Career Communities.
  • Get on our mailing list so we can keep you updated with need-to-know information.
  • Experience IU by checking out a precollege summer program.