Data Requests

We want to work with you to tell the IU story

We would like to assist and collaborate with you in order to send effective and engaging communications to prospective IU Bloomington students. Since prospective student data is owned and managed by the Office of Admissions, we have created the Procedures for Data Requests for Other Groups. Our goal is to ensure the proper use and management of data, as well as to allow for the strategic planning and coordination of communications to students.

Please review the procedures document as well as the important reminders below before requesting prospective student data. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Admissions Communications Team,

Important reminders

Below are some important reminders related to data requests for outside groups. Please review Best Practices in Submitting a Data Request for more information regarding this process:

  1. The Office of Admissions will supply data for domestic undergraduate students; the Office of International Services will supply data for international undergraduate students.
  2. Data provided by the Office of Admissions is for one-time use only for the specific communication intended. Data cannot be saved for repeated use as each students’ status in the admission process changes regularly and the creation of shadow systems is prohibited by the university’s CRM policy.
  3. Inquiry and prospect data may be requested by any group (these are students who have not yet applied for admission). Requests for this information will be evaluated in relation to student academic interest and/or intent.
  4. Data for admitted students may only be requested by the academic school, college, or department in which the student’s major falls. Data for exploratory students may be requested by any group, but students indicating an exploratory major within the College of Arts and Sciences may only be requested by a department within the College.
  5. All requests for data must be submitted at least three weeks before the actual date is needed and within the windows noted in the policy document. A copy of the intended communication must also be shared at this time for review by the Office of Admissions.
  6. Use appropriate opt out messages.
  7. If any unit or department is found to have misused data, the unit may not be permitted to request or receive data from IU Admissions.