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Ways to participate

The two types of involvement are High Level and Low Level. Due to a policy passed by Indiana University in April 2012, Programs Involving Children, all volunteers that may come into contact with children are required to complete a background check. However, if a volunteer is attending an event or program with an admissions representative present, then a background check is not necessary. An admissions representative is defined as an Indiana University employee representing the Office of Admissions, or an alumni volunteer who has gone through the background check process. Listed below are the ways to get involved; for the High Level activities, a background check is required.

Please review the ways to get involved. If you have not already registered to be an ASR, please join us!

High Level

Attend college fairs solo

Attending college fairs is a great way to participate in the ASR program. In the fall and spring, alumni are contacted about college fairs in their areas. These are fairs that our office would love to attend if we were able. Alumni that attend these fairs receive training materials ahead of time. College fair materials—brochures and a table banner—are sent to the alum a week before each fair starts. The number of available fair invitations varies by location.

Adopt high schools

Alumni can adopt one or more high schools in their areas by writing to Beginning around October of each year, alumni receive a roster of the admitted students in their areas. Alumni are encouraged to contact the students, congratulate them on their admission to IU, and offer themselves as a contact person.

Hold one-on-two meetings

Alumni offer to meet with students and their parents to talk about the IU experience. This is a good way to personally share your IU story. Normally, alumni who hold one-on-two meetings have also adopted the high school of the student(s) they are meeting with.

Host chapter events

Each year, alumni chapters host events for admitted students, such as game watches, picnics, or scholarship events. These events must be headed up by a background-checked alum serving as the host. A roster of admitted students in the area is provided to the alum.

Low Level

Attend college fairs with an admissions representative

The Office of Admissions attends many fairs throughout the country each year. As you can imagine, there are certain markets that we travel through extensively, especially in areas where IU is incredibly popular. At a lot of these fairs, we are very busy and could use assistance. Alumni are contacted by the admissions director in charge of the territory. This is the only way that Indiana ASRs can participate in Indiana college fairs since the Office of Admissions represents IU at every college fair in the state.

Attend admissions events

Admissions representatives not only attend fairs in your area—they might also host events for prospective and/or admitted students. In the fall, the Office of Admissions hosts IU Previews throughout the country. Assistance at these events is wanted and needed. Also, there are other events hosted throughout the year, such as admitted student receptions. Alumni in the area of a hosted event will be contacted by an admissions representative.

Attend college fairs with alumni representatives

Does an alum in your area participate in a lot of college fairs for IU? Would you like to see what these events are like? Alumni who would like to attend a college fair with another alum who has already gone through the background check process may do so. In fact, we encourage it! The admissions staff sometimes needs assistance at college fairs and so do the alumni volunteers.

Low Level

Fall semester (August–December)
  • IU Previews start in August and run through October
  • Admissions and alumni representatives will need assistance at college fairs from September to November
Spring semester (January–May)
  • Admissions and Office of Scholarships admitted student events are hosted January through April
  • College fair assistance is needed but there are fewer opportunities than in the fall
  • Admitted student events hosted by chapters begin

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