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Learn what you need to know to get involved with ASR

The two types of Alumni Student Recruitment (ASR) involvement are high level and low level. Due to a policy passed by Indiana University in April 2012, Programs Involving Children, all volunteers that may come into contact with children are required to complete a background check. However, if a volunteer is attending an event or program with an admissions representative present, then a background check is not necessary. An admissions representative is defined as an Indiana University employee representing the Office of Admissions, or an alumni volunteer who has gone through the background check process. This page lists the ways to get involved; for the high-level activities, a background check is required.

Please review the ways to get involved. If you have not already registered to be an ASR, please join us!

High-level involvement timeline

Fall semester (August–December)
  • College fair attendance is heaviest from early September through November
  • Rosters of adopted high schools are sent in early October
Spring semester (January–May)
  • College fair opportunities are marginal
  • Chapters’ ASR representatives host admitted student events
  • Meetings are set up with admitted students from adopted high schools

Low-level involvement timeline

Fall semester (August–December)
  • IU Previews start in August and run through October
  • Admissions and alumni representatives will need assistance at college fairs from September to November
Spring semester (January–May)
  • Admissions and Office of Scholarships admitted student events are hosted January through April
  • College fair assistance is needed but there are fewer opportunities than in the fall
  • Admitted student events hosted by chapters begin

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We understand that not all of our wonderful alumni are able to attend college fairs or admissions events. If you would like to support the Office of Admissions, you can make a gift today by clicking the Give Now button. Gifts received may support any of the needs and initiatives of the Office of Admissions such as programs to host high school counselors on campus, special mailings and initiatives, special on-campus programs to attract and recruit prospective students, training opportunities and programs for alumni recruiters, training and professional development for our student ambassador program, and increased outreach to diverse student populations.

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