University Division & Direct Admission

Two ways to start your IU education. Countless ways to make it your own.

Every student’s IU education is unique—but each journey starts with an application. Whether you list a specific major or tell us you are exploratory, you’ll be starting a path toward your IU degree. At the point of admission, your academic interest is shared with the school or college that offers that program. Based on their review of your academic performance they may offer you direct admission to your chosen program. At this time, eleven of our twelve schools offer direct admission for beginning students. For a complete list, see below. Direct admission is typically offered to around 60% of the incoming class.

Over 40 percent of students begin their academic journey in University Division (UD), where they work with expert advisors to pursue the requirements for their chosen academic program or explore academic programs across IU Bloomington’s 12 schools. Students in University Division take the same prerequisite courses as directly admitted students so the time to their IU degree is the same. Students in the University Division are also more likely to pursue paths to double major or add minors from multiple schools to create a truly multidisciplinary degree!

At IU, both paths lead you where you want to be—and you’ll have the freedom to explore and the guidance you need along the way. And both paths have the same first step: Apply to IU Bloomington.

How it works: University Division and direct admission

Your college experience should be as unique as you. Watch the video to learn more about the two paths students take toward their IU degree.

Description of the video:

[Upbeat music plays.]


[Words appear: Two ways to start at IU Bloomington.]


[Video: The words grow smaller and disappear into the lens of a drawing of a telescope. Behind the telescope is a drawing of a city skyline. The word opportunity floats into view.]


Narrato: Your life after college will be full of opportunity.


[Video: The words learn more and go farther appear on the screen as they are spoken and then disappear. Then the drawings all fade away and a graphic appears that shows three arrows going in different directions.]


Narrator: Opportunities to learn more, go farther, and pivot in new directions.


[Video: The arrows shoot of in the directions they were pointed at. The words academic experience appear followed by an arrow pointing down and then words just as nimble below the arrow. All words and graphics float off the screen and a drawing of a trophy appears with the word success below it. Confetti floats all over the screen.]


Narrator: How about an academic experience that is just as nimble and prepares you for a new kind of success?


[Video: The graphics and words float forward and turn the entire screen red. Then two lines move to form the shape of the Sample Gates. As the graphic moves backwards, the outline of a laptop computer appears, as if the drawing is on the screen.]


Narrator: At Indiana University, you can explore your interests, find new ones, and mix and match in your own unique way.


[Video: The laptop graphic drops off the screen and new graphics show the outline of two people talking. The words work with experts appear above the drawing. Then a drawing of a checklist, with check marks, appears next to the drawing of people.]


Narrator: You'll work with experts to consider what you bring to the table and discover a perfect plan that complements your gifts and sets you apart.


[Video: The graphics and words float away. The words learn about careers appears, with a drawing of a light bulb below it. Then the light bulb animates to show that it has lit up.]


Narrator: You'll learn about careers, even those that may currently only exist in your imagination.


[Video: The graphics float away and the IU trident logo appears in the center of the screen.]


Narrator: Indiana University's unique academic model is designed to provide these experiences and more.


[Video: The logo floats away. The words two hundred majors appears, then the words four thousand classes appears. A line moves under each word as it is spoken. Then the line moves down, and the view follows the line down.]


Narrator: We offer more than two hundred majors and four thousand classes, and our students can enter their academic program in two different ways.


[Video: The line continues downward then splits into two lines. These lines then form boxes and words appear in the boxes. The words in the box on the left read university division. The words in the box on the right read direct admission.]


Narrator: Just over half of our students start in University Division, also known as UD.


[Video: The box on the left grows larger and takes over the screen. The words university division stay in the upper left corner. A drawing of a laptop computer with the IU logo and the letters u d appears at the bottom of the screen. A drawing representing two people hop into view from either side of the screen and meet near the laptop. The figures disappear and the laptop grows larger, with the u d disappearing. New words appear on the laptop, reading twelve schools, and the names of the schools scrolling up the screen in a list.]


Narrator: UD students work closely with expert advisors to understand their academic options across IU Bloomington's twelve schools, whether they already have a major in mind or not. This allows students to explore a variety of fields, identify their strengths and combine majors and minors to create their own ideal path.


[Video: After the list of schools run through the laptop screen, it disappears. The screen then rads confirm your major. A plus sign appears below those words and the words complete prerequisites appears. Next an equal sign appears and the words ready to apply to school below that.]


Narrator: Once UD students confirm their major by the end of their sophomore year and complete any prerequisites, then they can apply to the appropriate school.


[Video: The laptop floats off screen and the university division words in the corner grow bigger. The words then grow smaller as if moving backwards and the box is visible again. Then the box moves to the left and the box on the right appears again with the words direct admission.]


Narrator: The other half of IU students enter through Direct Admission, which is currently offered by eleven of our twelve schools.


[Video: The words direct admission grow smaller and move to the upper right part of the screen. A drawing of a laptop appears at the bottom of the screen with the IU logo and the letters DA on the screen. Those letters disappear and a checklist appears with two points. The first point is meet specified criteria. The second point is select eligible major on application.]


Narrator: To be considered for Direct Admission, students must meet specified criteria and select an eligible major or school on their application to IU.


[Video: The words on the laptop screen disappear and different graphics appear in succession. The first is a compass, the second is a Venn diagram, and the last is two arrows facing different directions stacked on top of each other. Then the laptop floats off screen and the words direct admission grow larger. The box is now visible and grows smaller until both boxes are in view again.]


Narrator: Students who are directly admitted also have opportunities to explore, combine, and even change their course of study, and they work with an academic advisor in their school or college right away.


[Video: Red and white circles appear in the middle of the screen and grow larger in a succession pattern until the entire screen is covered and turns white. The words flexibility, guidance, opportunity move across the screen as they are spoken.]


Narrator: Both ways of entering IU provide flexibility, academic and career guidance, and opportunities for hands-on experience.


[Video: A read bar moves up from the bottom of the screen until the screen is half white and half red. A drawing of a laptop computer sits on the red bar like a table. On the screen of the laptop is the word apply. An arrow hovers over the word and clicks it, just as confetti explodes behind the laptop.]


Narrator: And they both have the same first step, apply to IU Bloomington.


[Video: The laptop drawing moves forward and out of view while the red bar slides down. A drawing of a letter appears with the words hashtag IU said yes on the top. It then flies into an envelope which closes with a red seal. The envelope this flies off screen.]


Narrator: Once you were admitted to IU, you may automatically be considered for Direct Admission if you selected an eligible major or school on your application.


[Video: A drawing of a large building appears, with a bicycle and trees in front. The view zooms in and the doors to the building open. The view continues to zoom in until the screen is all red.]


Narrator: If you meet that school's criteria and are offered Direct Admission, that notification will be separate from your IU admission notification.


[Video: Drawings of several hands reaching upward appear. Then graduation caps appear as if tossed in the air. Another drawing of a hand floats to the middle, this one holding a diploma.]


Narrator: Wherever you begin your IU journey, you will be working toward a degree that sets you apart.\


[Video: The drawing of hands disappears. The words you are ready for this appear, then disappear. Then the words we are ready for you appear.]


Narrator: You are ready for this, and we are ready for you.


[Upbeat music grows louder.]


[Video: The words disappear. The IU trident logo appears at the top of the screen with the words Indiana University below. A website address appears at the bottom of the screen that reads admissions dot Indiana dot e d u.]


[End of transcript.]

University Division: Prepare, explore, combine, and create your ideal academic experience

College is a time to discover and develop your interests and talents. IU’s academic structure is designed to empower students to do just that.

Students who start in University Division can immediately begin their preparation for their preferred program, but also have the flexibility to explore before deciding on a major—or maybe several majors. Already know what you want to study? University Division students have access to the same courses and prerequisites as direct admits, so they don’t have to wait to start pursuing their goals.

  • Explore programs
  • Learn about the requirements for your chosen major or majors
  • Complete a formal application or automatically certify into a program

All along the way, students in UD receive advising from experts who understand the many academic options available and can help guide them on a course to achieve their goals—both for their education and their career.