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Description of the video:

[Inspiring music plays.]


[Video: An aerial view of the Sample Gates on the Indiana University campus is shown. Large limestone buildings sit on either side of the gates. A brick pathway runs through and beyond the gates, with flower beds on the path. More limestone buildings are in the background and a dense forest is to the right of the pathway.]


Narrator: Our world has changed.


[Video: A student wearing a facemask walks on a sidewalk with trees and plants on either side of the path, and the large, limestone Wells Library behind. The student is then seen joining a group of other students sitting in a grassy area with the library in the background.]


Narrator: And this new era requires a college experience designed to fit the times.


[Video: Another student wearing a facemask is shown sitting on a bench with many trees behind them. The student is holding a tablet.


Narrator: This is IU.


[Video: A view of the arboretum is shown, with the tall Metz Carillon in the middle and sidewalks crisscrossing the large grassy area that features trees and plants throughout. Then an aerial view shows the IU campus, featuring many limestone buildings and lush trees among them. The sun is setting on the horizon. Next is a view of Franklin Hall, a decorative limestone building with a red tile roof. An American flag and Indiana state flag wave in the foreground. Then a group of students are shown walking on campus with trees behind them. Next, a class of masked students sit at a large table having a discussion with a professor, and a large screen on the wall shows a grid of faces of people calling into the class via video. Then another class of masked students is shown taking place in large room with a wall of windows.] 


Narrator: You'll be part of a community with 200 years of academic excellence and innovation.


[Video: A class is being conducted outside, with students sitting on benches in a semi-circle and the professor speaking to them from the middle. One of the students raises their hand to ask a question. Next is a close-up of the professor examining the leaf of a tree and showing it to the class.]


Narrator: Flexible learning prepares you for what comes next.


[Video: Another classroom is show, with a masked professor speaking form the head of the room. Masked students sit at desks spaced several feet apart. One student is shown nodding to the professor, then another student is shown nodding. Then the professor is in a smaller conference room meeting with a student individually.]


Narrator: Professors who inspire will conspire with you on your dreams, even if they change.


[Video: A group of masked students huddle together for a picture next to the Herman B Wells statue, which is also wearing a mask. Then three masked students are shown sitting on a couch, all wearing IU apparel. Basketball championship banners hang behind them on the windows and bucket of popcorn is on the table in front of them. They all cheer simultaneously. Next, a large gathering of masked students sit in the outdoor Prebys Amphitheater, all of them wearing IU apparel. They cheer while watching a football game on a large screen on the amphitheater stage.]


Narrator: Hoosier traditions two centuries in the making endure in this bold future.


[Video: An aerial view of campus shows the grassy arboretum and the Wells Library and Hamilton Lugar School of International and Global Studies just beyond it. Other large, limestone buildings can be seen as well. Next, a close up of a limestone owl perched on the peak of a building is shown, with orange leaves from a tree in the foreground.]


Narrator: This beautiful campus has always moved us.


[Video: A group of masked students play in a pile of leaves on campus. Then students are shown walking in front of a campus building, with other students walking out and some students sitting on the entry steps.]


Narrator: Now, more than ever, it brings us together.


[Video: Two masked students are shown walking up the stairs in a modern campus building with many glass walls. Next, two students are shown sitting at an outdoor table, one is working at a laptop and the other is carrying food. Two students behind them perform an outdoor concert. A close-up of the performers shows them playing guitars and singing. Then a marching band is shown playing in the street, with restaurants and shops along the street and many people standing on the sidewalks watching.]


Narrator: Here, you'll find meaningful connections that last a lifetime and experiences that change your life.


[Video: A group of masked students in graduation caps and gowns stand together at the Sample Gates for a photograph.]


Narrator: You're ready to move ahead and IU is the path forward.


[Video: An aerial view shows the graduates standing at the Sample Gates and someone taking their photo while other students walk past.]


Narrator: We're with you every step of the way.


[Video: The screen goes black and words appear that read hashtag IU bound. These words fade and the words your IU journey is waiting reserve your space appear. A website address is below that, reading go dot IU dot e d u slash belong. These words fade and the IU trident logo appears and the words Indiana University below it, with the website address admissions dot IU dot e d u.]


[End of transcript.]

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