You Belong at IU

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You belong at a college that will help you reach your full potential. Where you can turn your big plans and bigger dreams into your future. Where you can choose among a wide range of majors, join a community that will support you for life, and get all the skills and experiences you need to succeed.

Become your best at Indiana University Bloomington.

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Description of the video:

[background music begins]

Narrator: You've heard it before—you can have it all at IU. But when you're a Hoosier, you know it's possible because in every extraordinary moment there's a place for you.

[water falling into fountain]

Instructor: I would like you to view this critically and look at it—

Student 1: Oh, that’s cool.

Student 2: Hey guys, the movie’s starting!

[clock tower chimes the hour]

Basketball announcer: Indiana HOO-siers!

Intercom: Flight 100 to Barcelona.

[unintelligible conversation]

Student 3: Hey, guys.

Interviewer: Hi, Rachel. Nice to meet you.

[orchestra tuning]

Student 4: Wish me luck, Dr. Wells!

Narrator: It’s all here. It’s all possible. Now all we need is you. So go all in at Indiana University.

[words appear: #IUBound]

[background music crescendoes]

[words appear: Reserve your seat]

[words appear:]

[video: IU trident appears]

[words appear: Indiana University]

[words appear:]

[end of transcript]

Every day at IU is an adventure of curiosity and discovery, traditions and spirit, and fulfilling work and challenging aspirations.

Dream it and do it, the way you only can at IU

A student works in a lab.

Infinite options for your education

You can make your IU education exactly what you want it to be. Start by exploring all of your options—from additional majors to experiences like study abroad. See which ones intrigue you, and pursue them.

Explore the IU education
Students hold an IU flag.

A community where you belong

At IU, you’ll have the complete college experience and make friendships that never fade. Consider applying to live in a learning community, and plan to attend key events your first semester—starting with Welcome Week.

Leap into life at IU
A student at a career event.

Preparation for a lifetime of success

Your first year is the time to start thinking about your career. Internships, service opportunities, career-focused coursework, student organizations, and our career centers will help you prepare for a career you love.

Start your career prep

Your steps to become a Hoosier


First, reserve your seat in the Class of 2024 by declaring your intent to enroll and paying your your enrollment deposit. Due to the ever-changing situation related to COVID-19, we have extended the deadline to June 1, 2020.

Also, make sure you apply for housing, register for New Student Orientation, and check out our Red Carpet Day page.

See steps for freshmen


First, declare your intent to enroll for fall by July 15, 2020.

Your other steps include registering for New Student Orientation and sending your final college transcript.

See steps for transfers

Tell us you’re #IUBound

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