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“Breathtaking.” “Awesome.” “Just . . . wow.” How will you describe our campus?

If you were to draw your ideal college, what would it look like? Impressive, collegiate-looking buildings? Large green spaces and lots of trees? Brand-new and renovated residence halls? High-tech classrooms and labs, grand performance venues, and one of the world’s biggest student unions? We’ve got it all—in a great small city.

Note: If visit times are full, please check back. The system updates in real time as cancellations occur and as new dates become available. We are currently unable to offer a waitlist for visits.

If you are unable to join us in person for your campus visit, there are other ways to experience IU. With virtual visitsdriving tours, and self-guided walking tours, you can discover what IU has to offer and why you belong here.

Your Journey Starts Now

Beauty, inspiration, innovation—you’ll find it all on campus. See where you’ll make the memories that will stay with you forever.

Description of the video:

[Upbeat music plays.]


[Video: A view of the clock tower in the Student Building on the IU Bloomington campus comes into focus. The rising sun is shining behind the tower. The next scene shows the Wells Library, looking up the tall stacks of limestone with a blue sky behind it.]


Narrator: Indiana University Bloomington is built on a foundation of history and tradition, a foundation as strong as limestone.


[Video: The gables and tower of Maxwell Hall is shown, with intricate carvings visible on the face of the limestone building. The sun is shining through the glass panels of the tower.]


Narrator: It is raised to excellence through innovation and forward-thinking.


[Video: The next scene shows the Jordan River, with green grass and trees on both banks, and stones lying in the water. A bird flies into view and lands on one of the stones.]


Narrator: It's an environment that nurtures, allowing you to discover your passions, and develop lifelong connections.


[Video: A panning view of the Sample Gates is shown. It is dawn and the lights on the gates and along the brick path are lit. The flower beds around the gates are filled with red and white tulips, and other colorful flowers.]


Narrator: It's where you become the person you want to be.


[Video: The next scene shows a close-up of red tulips, then the focus changes to the limestone building beyond the flowers. The video then shows a view from above of a cyclist riding their bike along a curvy path, with flowers and greenery on each side of the path.]


Narrator: It's at IU where your future comes into focus, and it's the winding paths that take you there.


[Video: An aerial view between several limestone residence halls is shown. The two buildings in the forefront are a few stories high and one in the background is several stories high. The each have unique architectural styles.]


Narrator: IU is exactly what a college campus should look like, but it's also what it should feel like.


[Video: The next scene shows an aerial view of the Indiana Memorial Union, a massive limestone building with a large tower several stories high. From this view, the expansive tree canopy that covers the campus can be seen. Then a flyover view of the Arboretum is shown, with large grassy areas intersected by walking paths, numerous trees throughout, and academic buildings along the perimeter.]


Narrator: The traditional buildings are mixed with the natural environment, creating a place that is both beautiful and inspiring.


[Video: An aerial view of Luddy Hall is shown, first close-up then widening out. The building is several stories tall and features a large glass-walled atrium in the center. There is a grassy plaza in front of the entrance.]


Narrator: There are buildings for learning with faculty and staff supporting your personal journey.


[Video: The scene is from the ground looking up to a unique architectural feature of a grated overhang held by limestone pillars. White clouds float by in a blue sky. Then a view of the atrium of the Eskenazi Museum of Art is shown, with sharp angles and a glass wall. A red sculpture sitting outside the museum is then shown.]


Narrator: And there are buildings made for discovery and expression, some filled with technology and others with arts and culture.


[Video: The tall limestone tower of the carillon is shown, positioned in the middle of the Arboretum, with grassy areas and trees surrounding the tower and large buildings just beyond the trees. Then a brick path through a dense wooded area is shown.]


Narrator: There are quiet spaces where you can reflect and refocus by yourself.


[Video: The next scene shows a path between tall trees. Then a view of the Showalter Fountain, featuring a sculpture of a woman reclining and fish surrounding her, with water shooting from the mouths of the fish. This is followed by a view of the Global and International Studies building, with a terraced grassy plaza leading to a glass atrium.]


Narrator: Other spaces bring you together with fellow students, some from different states and some from different countries, all with a unique perspective.


[Video: The field of the football stadium is shown, with the outline of the state of Indiana in red in the middle of the field and the IU trident inside the shape. Then an aerial view of the south lobby of Simon-Skjodt Assembly Hall is shown, with a large glass wall and Indiana written on the interior wall.]


Narrator: There are moments of thrilling celebration like after a Hoosier victory.


[Video: The exterior of an academic building is shown, with a limestone exterior and large windows. Trees line the path to the entrance.]


Narrator: Other moments are a little bittersweet, like walking out of your favorite class at the end of the semester.


[Video: Aerial views show several large buildings with classic collegiate architecture surrounded by trees and connected by walking paths. Then a large, red, decorative clock is shown with a blue sky behind it.]


Narrator: This gorgeous campus is where you will experience the joys and challenges of college life. Just like the thousands of students before you. And like them, you'll leave IU with four years-worth of knowledge and experiences that will prepare you for the next stage of your journey and memories that will stay with you forever.


[Video: A large limestone building is shown, with arched entryways, carvings, and a column of windows. The sun shines while clouds cast shadows on the side of the building. Then the Rose Well House is shown, a small limestone structure with arched openings and a red tile roof. A wooded area sits behind the structure.]


College is a place where you can grow academically and personally. And Indiana University Bloomington provides the perfect setting.


[Video: The top of the carillon tower is shown with the sun shining between the stone pillars.]


Narrator: Your journey starts now.


[Video: The video ends on a slide showing the IU trident logo at the top. There are words in the middle of the screen reading visit go dot IU dot e d u slash admissions to learn more.]


[Music gets louder then fades.]


[End of transcript.]

Maggie Philpott

Margaret Philpott loves being an IU tour guide and knows visiting campus is the best way to see if the school is a good fit for you. She says, “Being a tour guide gives me the chance to share this beautiful campus with visitors. I especially love Wells Quad in the fall as the leaves change.”