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“Breathtaking.” “Awesome.” “Just . . . wow.” How will you describe our campus?

If you were to draw your ideal college, what would it look like? Impressive, collegiate-looking buildings? Large green spaces and lots of trees? Brand-new and renovated residence halls? High-tech classrooms and labs, grand performance venues, and one of the world’s biggest student unions? We’ve got it all—in a great small city.

See our idyllic campus

Our campus is considered one of the world’s most beautiful. Choose among several ways to see it, including a virtual tour.

Please note: Alert regarding coronavirus

We want to keep our visitors updated with the latest information regarding IU's response to COVID-19. For information regarding IU’s planning and response to COVID-19, please visit As a result of the necessary discouragement of visitors to campus, the Office of Admissions is unfortunately canceling all visits and events through May 9, 2020. If you are scheduled to visit campus during this time, you will be notified that your visit is canceled and you will have the opportunity to reschedule for a later date.

Until you are able to join us on campus, we invite you to continue your exploration of IU and engagement with our campus community in other ways! Review the information below to learn more about academic opportunities, our beautiful campus, and more.

  • Take our virtual tour, which highlights key spots on campus.
  • Learn about your school of interest and reach out to them for more information.
  • Research your major to learn about the academic opportunities waiting for you at IU Bloomington.
  • Contact your personal admission counselor, who is here to answer any questions you have about enrolling or the college search process.

Can’t wait to see campus?

Check out these students’ favorite spots.

Description of the video:

[video: “What’s your favorite place at IU?”]

[video: Girl 1 standing in front of camera outside.]

Girl 1: I really enjoy the Arboretum. It’s really pretty and you can sit outside and study.

[video: Nature shots of the Arboretum appear.]

[video: Boy 1 standing in front of camera outside.]

Boy 1: If you’ve ever been to IU, you know how beautiful the Arboretum is. It’s just a great place to even study sometimes. When it was warm in the spring, I studied for finals there.

[video: More shots of nature in the Arboretum.]

[video: Girl 2 standing in front of camera outside.]

Girl 2: The education building, around there, I like to sit outside and study because it’s usually nice and sunny.

[video: Various shots of the education building.]

[video: Girl 3 standing in front of camera outside.]

Girl 3: Right in front of the Union there’s a place where there’s a bunch of stairs, there’s a fire pit and I can just kind of sit on the ledge and watch people as they walk by.

[video: Shot of the Union and students studying at the Union.]

[video: Girl 4 standing in front of camera outside.]

Girl 4: I’d like to say the Wells Library.

[video: Boy 2 standing in front of camera outside.]

Boy 2: I like the Wells Library. It’s a great place to study.

Girl 4: I’m there a lot so I’ve got to establish a relationship with Wells.

[video: Wide shots of the Wells Library and students studying inside.]

[video: Two students standing in front of camera.]

Boy 3: The Sample Gates.

Girl 5: Kirkwood.

[video: Shot of the Sample Gates]

[video: Girl 6 standing in front of camera outside.]

Girl 6: I love the fountain over behind, next to the Art Museum.

[video: Wide shot of the Showalter Fountain.]

[video: Girl 7 standing in front of camera outside.]

Girl 7: The Showalter Fountain.

[video: More detailed videos of the Showalter Fountain.]

[video: Girl 8 standing in front of camera outside.]

Girl 8: I like the fountain.

[video: Girl 9 standing in front of camera outside.]

Girl 9: The fountain.

[video: Detailed video of the Showalter Fountain.]

[video: Boy 4 standing in front of camera outside.]

Boy 4: Take a run down here, go to the fountain, rest, and then run back. So I really enjoy this area with the Union, the HPER, the museum and everything.

[video: Girl 10 standing in front of camera outside.]

Girl 10: Campus is beautiful. Can’t beat it.

[video: IU logo appears with “Indiana University” with “” beneath it.]

[video: “Music by” appears in bottom right corner of screen.]

Maggie Philpott

Margaret Philpott loves being an IU tour guide and knows visiting campus is the best way to see if the school is a good fit for you. She says, “Being a tour guide gives me the chance to share this beautiful campus with visitors. I especially love Wells Quad in the fall as the leaves change.”